Privacy Notice (How we use your information)

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We ask you to register with this site so you can:

  • access council services 24/7.
  • create and view your requests.
  • follow the progress of your requests.
  • Manage different types of Kirklees Council accounts such as Council Tax, Benefits, Rent, My Care Account.

This is an online account, and a valid email address is required in order that we can respond to your service requests and update you as to any changes to the services you are signed up for.

Your password is encrypted for security reasons and is not visible to anybody other than you.

All of the services we offer on your My Kirklees Account are accessible without creating an account. If you do wish to create an online digital account, there is certain information we require from you in order to provide that service.

The categories of information that we collect, process, hold and share include:

Personal information

  • Name.
  • Address.
  • Email address.
  • Contact telephone number.
  • Account references for council tax, benefits, social care, rent or other accounts which you hold. (This information is only required should you wish to link these accounts to your My Kirklees Account).

Characteristics (such as gender, ethnicity and disability)

  • You are not required to provide any information regarding your protected characteristics for setting up your MyKirklees account. However, should you link your MyKirklees account with you Council Tax, Benefits, Rent or, My Care Account, any protected characteristic information provided to those services may be linked to your MyKirklees account.

Why we collect and hold this information

We use this personal data in order to:

  • Help you manage your Kirklees Council accounts in one place.
  • Link you up with other Kirklees Council service accounts.
  • Contact you about changes to services in your area (for example, to bin collection dates).
  • Provide you with up to date and relevant information in your community.
  • Provide you with geographical information such as where your nearest facilities are, who your local councillors, details of planning requests in your area.
  • Auto-populate the forms which are accessible on this site.
  • Provide you with support in using this service.

The lawful basis on which we use this information

Under Article 6 of the UK General Data Protection Regulation (UK GDPR), the lawful bases we rely on for processing this information are:

6(1)(a) Your consent. You are able to remove your consent at any time. You can do this by contacting

As stated, we do not specifically request any special category data. This is personal data that needs more protection because it is sensitive, such as health information. You can choose to link your My Kirklees Account to your Social Care record (My Care Account) or Rent/Benefits record. This may include you sharing some more sensitive information. For more information around how your data is processed in relation to those accounts, please see the overarching and service specific Kirklees Council privacy notices on How we use your data.

How we store your personal information

Your information is safely and securely stored on Kirklees Council's approved secure networks.

We keep your personal information for the duration of the time that your account is open.

You can request that the other accounts are unlinked from your MyKirklees account but should you require any amendments or deletion of information from those linked accounts, you will be required to contact the original service.

Who we may share your information with

We may sometimes share the information we have collected about you where it is necessary, lawful and fair to do so.

In each case we will only share the minimum amount of information, only when required, for the following reason:

  • To manage your requests.
  • To contact you about changes to services in your area

We may share this information with:

  • Other Kirklees Council services who need to be contacted in order to process your request.
  • Other Kirklees Council services who may contact you about changes to services in your area.

We do not share personal information about you with anyone else without consent unless the law and our policies allow us to do so.

Your data protection rights

Under data protection law, you have a number of rights, including the right to have your records rectified and the right to ask for access to all the information the Council holds about you. These rights are listed in more detail on Kirklees Council's data protection rights page.

You can request the removal of your My Kirklees Account, or individual accounts linked to your My Kirklees Account such as; Council Tax, Benefits, or Homes and Neighbourhoods Rent.

To remove an individual account linked to your My Kirklees Account you can fill in the My Accounts - remove an account form. Once you have removed this account you will no longer see it inside your My Kirklees Account.

To request the removal of your My Kirklees Account, you can fill in an Exercise your rights under the General Data Protection Regulation form. You will need to select the 'Subject Erasure Request' tick-box on the 'Type of request' tab. You can then select My Kirklees Account from the list of areas.

You are not required to pay any charge for exercising your rights. If you make a request, we have one month to respond to you.

Please contact us at if you wish to make a request.

Further information

If you would like further information about how we manage your data, please see the Kirklees Council privacy notice.

If you would like further information about this privacy notice, please contact

If you have any worries or questions about how your personal data is handled, please contact the Data Protection Officer at or by ringing 01484 221000.

You can also complain to the ICO if you are unhappy with how we have used your data. You can contact the ICO via the 'Contact us' page on their website, or by ringing 0303 123 1113.

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